Head-Zup Cycling Mirror

The Head-Zup Mirror attaches either to glasses or to your helmet. Critically, and unlike any other mirror on the market, it can be seen without taking your eyes off the road, just like an aviation Heads-Up Display (HUD).
It can be fitted and removed in seconds and detaches immediately upon the slightest impact.
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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • The Head-Zup Mirror is unique, being completely adjustable, both for the position  of the mirror in relation to your head, and for the orientation  of the mirror in relation to your eye.

    Weighing under 9 grammes, its optically flat and distortion-free polycarbonate mirror gives a crystal-clear and stable view of what's going on behind you. Unlike handlebar-mounted mirrors with their extremely limited, and fixed, field of vision, slight movements of your head with the Head-Zup enable you to scan a far wider field of vision than can be achieved by any other mirror on the market. 

    Because it's flat, the mirror shows cars at the same scale as the ones you can see in front of you, and the eye has no refocusing to do.

  • Made in France from stainless-steel, brass, and unbreakable polycarbonate, the Head-Zup Mirror is designed to last a life-time. The flag supplied is a high-quality die-cut sticker that the buyer fits themselves.

  • It is our declared policy to enable you to use HEAD-ZUP products indefinitely, by providing an honest guarantee, support and spare parts, in an attempt to fight back against the throw-away and programmed-obsolescence mentalities that now characterise 99% of consumer purchases. This policy does not affect your statutory rights.                                           

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