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above - in the Isle of Man for the Classic TT


We've a lot of professional and personal experience around two-wheels, be it cycling or motorcycling, but getting involved in developing and retailing a cycling mirror was a bit of an accident.


above - classic bikes, drones, bicycle mirrors ...........


Rory is British, and has lived in France for over 40 years. He's a chartered Mechanical Engineer who cut his teeth in Nuclear Robotics before spending a career designing and distributing motorcycle accessories, building Ducati racing motorcycles, which he successfully raced, and restoring classic bikes and cars.

The metallurgy, design, and production-engineering of the Head-Zup is his job.

Jake is French, and is a Ducati enthusiast too, never happier when delving into their engineering ; he's a 3D web designer and developer, his job is to broadcast the product to a world-wide audience.


above - testing near St Guilhem le Désert


As motorcyclists haunted by the idea that "Everyone On The Road Is Out There To Kill Us", we were surprised - when we took up road-cycling - to see how few cyclists could be bothered to use any sort of mirror, without which we, motorcyclists, felt completely naked.

In our experience, not knowing what is going on behind us is one of the major reasons why we cyclists have repeated conflicts with car-drivers, and even with other cyclists.


- Carola can see you, but can you see her ?


- almost invisible ....


We ended up  developing the Head-Zup in response to our frustration with conventional bicycle mirrors, which are basically useless since riders hardly ever actually look into them, because they're not in their natural line of vision.

Furthermore, they're ugly as hell, generally of hopeless quality, are never in adjustment, break all the time, and are easily damaged because of their positioning.

We tried and tested every conceivable "smart" mirror on the market .................


........... but concluded that none of them worked satisfactorily ;  they were mostly ugly and clunky, several were very unstable, gave distorted vision, and the worst were also eye-wateringly expensive ...... and they were all made in the Far East.

Our mirror has an answer to all of these shortcomings.

Even the shape of the mirror head itself is designed to follow - and avoid - the rider's ear-neck-shoulder profile, so as not to confuse the eye.

Head-Zup is based in Montpellier in the South of France, which is where the mirrors are made.

We have been able to combine the power of volume manufacturing for certain parts ........



with the care that comes from hand-assembly ...........



The hands that made your mirror are probably the same ones that packed and posted it, and will answer your emails.

Remember, this is the only product that we make, so we can afford to do it properly.

The Head-Zup has been a revolution for us, personally, in the way it has transformed our enjoyment of cycling.

If you're not convinced, just send it back and we will refund you within 24H - no questions asked. 


Further reading : the You Tube videos shown here give a glimpse of some of our other activitiesand interests.

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